Results for the Central Scotland region

Nomination constituencies

Allocation of regional seats

511595 voters: 16 seats, of which 13 regional seats. Turnout was 56%.

142456 (4)12724 (12)76096 (2)5024142585 (1)6087
314152 (10)424125365 (6)167447528 (3)2029
58491254415219 (9)100428517 (5)1217
7606518171087071720369 (7)869
947171413845555815842 (8)676
1138591156691745612962 (11)553
133265978585338610968 (13)468

Summary of seats

PartyRegional seatsTop-up seatsTotal seats
Conservative Party213
Green Party101
Scottish National Party718

Elected candates

Elected candidates are marked in blue.

Conservative Party (number of elected candidates: 3)

Callum Laidlaw6342
Alison Harris5877
Graham Simpson5857
Margaret Mitchell5596
Andy Morrison4693
Eric Holford4164
Meghan Gallacher3991
Anthony Newman3068
Robyn Halbert2868

Green Party (number of elected candidates: 1)

John Wilson2789
[GRN candidate, East Kilbride]1329
[GRN candidate, Falkirk East]1308
[GRN candidate, Falkirk West]1300
[GRN candidate, Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse]1252
[GRN candidate, Uddingston and Bellshill]1251
[GRN candidate, Motherwell and Wishaw]1240
[GRN candidate, Airdrie and Shotts]1171
[GRN candidate, Cumbernauld and Kilsyth]1084

Labour (number of elected candidates: 4)

Elaine Smith9826
Michael McMahon9615
John Pentland9068
Margaret McCulloch8508
Craig Martin8408
Lizanne Handibode8392
Richard Leonard7762
Mark Griffin7537
Mandy Telford6980

Scottish National Party (number of elected candidates: 8)

Linda Fabiani19371
Michael Matheson18260
Jamie Hepburn17015
Angus MacDonald16720
Clare Adamson15291
Richard Lyle14424
Alex Neil13954
Christina McKelvie13945
Fulton MacGregor13605