Results for the Lothian region

Nomination constituencies

Allocation of regional seats

565921 voters: 16 seats, of which 13 regional seats. Turnout was 62%.

167837 (3)34551 (5)84975 (2)18946 (10)137996 (1)5802
322612 (8)1151728325 (6)631545998 (4)1934
513567 (13)691016995 (11)378927599 (7)1160
79691493512139270619713 (9)828
9753738399441210515332 (12)644

Summary of seats

PartyRegional seatsTop-up seatsTotal seats
Conservative Party303
Green Party101
Liberal Democrats101
Scottish National Party527

Elected candates

Elected candidates are marked in blue.

Conservative Party (number of elected candidates: 3)

Gordon Lindhurst10725
Ruth Davidson10399
Miles Briggs9972
Charles Kennedy7699
Jeremy Balfour6267
Iain McGill6081
Nick Cook5700
Sandy Batho5686
Stephanie Smith5308

Green Party (number of elected candidates: 1)

Alison Johnstone7795
[GRN candidate, Linlithgow]3773
[GRN candidate, Edinburgh Northern and Leith]3552
[GRN candidate, Almond Valley]3432
[GRN candidate, Midlothian North and Musselburgh]3351
[GRN candidate, Edinburgh Eastern]3323
[GRN candidate, Edinburgh Western]3258
[GRN candidate, Edinburgh Southern]3149
[GRN candidate, Edinburgh Pentlands]2918

Labour (number of elected candidates: 4)

Daniel Johnson13597
Kezia Dugdale11673
Lesley Hinds10576
Neil Findlay10082
Angela Boyd Moohan10027
Bernard Harkins9913
Blair Heary7811
Sarah Boyack7546
Cat Headley3750

Liberal Democrats (number of elected candidates: 1)

Alex Cole-Hamilton15489
Pramod Subbaraman1099
Emma Farthing-Sykes601
Hannah Bettsworth554
Martin Veart519
Jacquie Bell369
Charles Dundas210
Cospatric D’Inverno86
Dan Farthing-Sykes19

Scottish National Party (number of elected candidates: 7)

Fiona Hyslop19362
Angela Constance18475
Ben Macpherson17322
Colin Beattie16948
Ash Denham16760
Toni Giugliano13685
Gordon MacDonald13181
Jim Eadie12474
Alison Dickie9789