Results for the Mid Scotland and Fife region

Nomination constituencies

Allocation of regional seats

499085 voters: 16 seats, of which 13 regional seats. Turnout was 61%.

168272 (2)17860 (10)58945 (3)20409 (7)133639 (1)5344
322757 (6)595319648 (8)680344546 (4)1781
513654 (12)357211789408126727 (5)1068
7975325518420291519091 (9)763
9758519846549226714848 (11)593
11620616235358185512149 (13)485

Summary of seats

PartyRegional seatsTop-up seatsTotal seats
Conservative Party314
Green Party101
Liberal Democrats101
Scottish National Party617

Elected candates

Elected candidates are marked in blue.

Conservative Party (number of elected candidates: 4)

Liz Smith13893
Murdo Fraser13190
Dean Lockhart9585
Alexander Stewart6915
James Reekie5797
Huw Bell5646
Martin Laidlaw4568
Alex Stewart-Clark4427
Dave Dempsey4251

Green Party (number of elected candidates: 1)

Mark Ruskell2129
[GRN candidate, Perthshire South and Kinross-shire]2124
[GRN candidate, Dunfermline]2066
[GRN candidate, Stirling]1996
[GRN candidate, Cowdenbeath]1952
[GRN candidate, Perthshire North]1942
[GRN candidate, North East Fife]1935
[GRN candidate, Mid Fife and Glenrothes]1906
[GRN candidate, Clackmannanshire and Dunblane]1810

Labour (number of elected candidates: 3)

Alex Rowley10674
Cara Hilton9699
Claire Baker8963
Craig Miller7426
Kay Morrison7279
Rebecca Bell6885
Scott Nicholson3389
Anna McEwan2604
Rosalind Garton2026

Liberal Democrats (number of elected candidates: 1)

Willie Rennie13990
James Calder2154
Willie Robertson1978
Peter Barrett763
Elisabeth Wilson448
Christopher McKinlay380
Jane Ann Liston362
Lauren Jones187
Bryn Jones147

Scottish National Party (number of elected candidates: 7)

John Swinney16526
David Torrance16358
Bruce Crawford16303
Jenny Gilruth15555
Roseanna Cunningham15315
Shirley-Anne Somerville14257
Keith Brown14147
Annabelle Ewing13715
Rod Campbell11463