Results for the South Scotland region

Nomination constituencies

Allocation of regional seats

533867 voters: 16 seats, of which 13 regional seats. Turnout was 62%.

1104816 (2)14773 (11)64638 (3)11784129064 (1)6727
334938 (5)492421546 (7)392843021 (4)2242
520963 (8)295412927 (13)235625812 (6)1345
714973 (10)21109234168318437 (9)961
91164616417182130914340 (12)747

Summary of seats

PartyRegional seatsTop-up seatsTotal seats
Conservative Party415
Green Party101
Liberal Democrats011
Scottish National Party516

Elected candates

Elected candidates are marked in blue.

Conservative Party (number of elected candidates: 5)

John Lamont18257
John Scott16183
Finlay Carson14527
Oliver Mundell13536
Michelle Ballantyne10163
Rachael Hamilton9045
Alex Allison8842
Lee Lyons7666
Brian Whittle6597

Green Party (number of elected candidates: 1)

Kirsten Robb1733
[GRN candidate, Ayr]1704
[GRN candidate, East Lothian]1684
[GRN candidate, Dumfriesshire]1681
[GRN candidate, Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale]1666
[GRN candidate, Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley]1620
[GRN candidate, Clydesdale]1617
[GRN candidate, Galloway and West Dumfries]1559
[GRN candidate, Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire]1509

Labour (number of elected candidates: 3)

Iain Gray14329
Elaine Murray9151
Carol Mochan8684
Dave Meechan7853
Claudia Beamish6995
Fiona Dugdale5701
Brian McGinley5283
Fiona O’Donnell4876
Barrie Cunning1766

Liberal Democrats (number of elected candidates: 1)

Kris Chapman3566
Jim Hume2442
Ettie Spencer1215
Richard Brodie1145
Andrew Metcalf834
Rebecca Plenderleith763
Jennifer Jamieson Ball703
Robbie Simpson593
Dawud Islam523

Scottish National Party (number of elected candidates: 6)

Willie Coffey19047
Christine Grahame16031
Jennifer Dunn15433
Aileen Campbell14821
Jeane Freeman14690
DJ Johnston-Smith13202
Aileen McLeod13013
Joan McAlpine12306
Paul Wheelhouse10521