Results for the West Scotland region

Nomination constituencies

Allocation of regional seats

538203 voters: 17 seats, of which 14 regional seats. Turnout was 63%.

164732 (3)17219 (10)90468 (2)12106148659 (1)5854
321577 (7)573930156 (5)403549553 (4)1951
512946 (13)344318093 (9)242129731 (6)1170
79247245912924 (14)172921237 (8)836
97192191310052134516517 (11)650
11588415658224110013514 (12)532

Summary of seats

PartyRegional seatsTop-up seatsTotal seats
Conservative Party303
Green Party101
Liberal Democrats011
Scottish National Party617

Elected candates

Elected candidates are marked in blue.

Conservative Party (number of elected candidates: 3)

Jackson Carlaw12932
Andrew Polson8960
Jamie Greene7863
David Wilson7345
Maurice Golden6029
Maurice Corry4891
Ann Le Blond4752
Graeme Brooks4487
Billy McClure3940
Paul Masterton3533

Green Party (number of elected candidates: 1)

Ross Greer2003
[GRN candidate, Cunninghame North]1782
[GRN candidate, Greenock and Inverclyde]1765
[GRN candidate, Dumbarton]1762
[GRN candidate, Clydebank and Milngavie]1751
[GRN candidate, Eastwood]1698
[GRN candidate, Paisley]1654
[GRN candidate, Renfrewshire North and West]1618
[GRN candidate, Cunninghame South]1606
[GRN candidate, Renfrewshire South]1580

Labour (number of elected candidates: 5)

Jackie Baillie13522
Ken MacIntosh11081
Paul O’Kane9864
Neil Bibby9483
Siobhan McCready8802
Margaret McCarthy8288
Gail Casey7726
Joe Cullinane7723
Mary Fee7244
Johanna Baxter6735

Liberal Democrats (number of elected candidates: 1)

Katy Gordon4415
Frank Bowles2519
Eileen McCartin1382
John Watson994
Aileen Morton722
John Duncan527
Rod Ackland512
Tristan Gray426
Charity Pierce366
Ruby Kirkwood243

Scottish National Party (number of elected candidates: 7)

Rona MacKay17060
Stuart McMillan17032
Kenneth Gibson16587
Gil Paterson16158
Derek MacKay14718
George Adam14682
Tom Arthur14272
Ruth Maguire13416
Gail Robertson13413
Stewart Maxwell11321